The Inevitable Will

The Inevitable Will (born William Herbert: August 2, 1998 in Atlanta, Georgia) is an upcoming American rapper, producer, and songwriter. He is noted by his peers for his powerful lyricism, wordplay, and passionate delivery. He spent most of his life in Atlanta, but has lived in Colorado since 2010. While attending Pikes Peak Prep High School, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, he penned many verses performing at local talent shows and parties. Feeling caged in to the confines of high school, he graduated a year early with honors and is currently attending University of Colorado – Denver majoring in Music Business with a specialty in Recording Arts. He has been writing lyrics persistently and learning how to produce for the last four years. Then, shortly after, he released his current hit track, “Caged in Public,” which is a semi-biographical testament to his life’s trials and tribulations. His love for music spans over many genres and that is reflected in his tracks. The Inevitable Will is currently working on his first independent release. He is currently a verified top 10 Hip-Hop recording artist in Colorado Springs and Pueblo Areas on Reverbnation.

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